Thinking of Buying a Solar Array?
Our Consultation and Performance Reports have saved customers thousands of dollars on their solar purchase!

There is a lot of terminology and specialized math involved in making an informed decision about buying a solar array. We have experienced engineers who offer comprehensive reports and consultation to anyone interested in purchasing solar. We offer impartial assessments of solar quotes, as well as assistance to anyone wanting to learn how to make informed decisions for themselves. Our business is providing you with the knowledge and the hard numbers necessary to get the absolute best deal when negotiating your solar array purchase. <br><br> …and when we’re done, if you’re still not confident that you can make the right choice, you can hire us to negotiate on your behalf, offer consultation along the way, or manage your solar project directly. Our level of involvement is up to you. <br><br> Contact us now to see how we can make your solar purchase a brighter experience!

Buyers and Newcomers

Anyone interested in purchasing a solar array, or simply looking to learn more about solar power and the technology that drives it should head this way.

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Array Owners

To those of you who already own solar arrays and are looking for tips and information about how to maintain and repair them should head this way to see how we can help.

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Contractors and Electricians

Professionals looking to branch into the solar field, looking to streamline their existing solar engineering process, or even those looking to inquire about solar should head over here.

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Thermal Solar making a comeback

MIT researchers have developed a small sponge-like disk that greatly catalyses the reaction from liquid water to steam. They claim that this new catalyst allows concentrated sunlight to boil water more efficiently to create steam and in turn, generate electricity. This press release comes less than a week after the development of “vantablack,” the new

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New light-absorbing material created

Researchers at Surrey Nanosystems have managed to create a material that absorbs 99.96% of visible light. The material is made of carbon nanotubes grown onto a metallic foil, and absorbs so much light that it appears to be a “hole” or “nothingness” when looked at. While the researchers are still a long way off from

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British Architects Fail to Understand how Solar Concentrators Work, with Predictable Results

Still under construction, a 37-story tall glass-covered skyscraper is responsible for partially melting a Jaguar XJ, setting a man’s head on fire, and ruining local shops on a London street. The building, located at 20 Fenchurch Street, was designed by Rafael Vinoly, an architect from Uruguay. According to various news sources, the building was designed

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