Residential Contractors

For solar installers and electrical contractors looking to gain a competitive edge on their market, or simply emerge into the solar industry for the first time, we provide comprehensive services to help.

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Commercial Contractors

Seasoned solar contractors and installers looking to expand from simple residential projects into the more challenging commercial solar projects can head this way to learn how they can achieve more.

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Engineering Firms

For tech industry startups, research & development firms, and companies looking to develop new technology and components, we have knowledge and skill-set needed to get the job done.

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Solar Project Blocked by Uneducated Locals

Woodland, North Carolina – The Woodland Town Council recently rejected a proposal to add in a large solar farm just north of their town. On top of that, the council has placed a moratorium on all future solar projects in the area. Some of the public’s reasons for the rejection are so absurd that this

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The Way of Things to Come

One of the many services we provide is the automation of certain repetitive and mundane tasks. Our founder has automated just about every position he’s ever been employed in and as such holds the belief that eventually all current human tasks will eventually be replaced with either a machine or a computer. Below is a

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